08 julho 2016


Leva os teus erros como uma aprendizagem... Leva o amor como bons momentos...

Take your mistakes as a learning ... Take love as good moments ...

No regrets... just life...

As much as i know, i still don't know nothing at all... just enjoying life the best i can... if feeling down tomorrow will be another day... if feeling great, believe me, i really am enjoying at the most of it... NO REGREATS... JUST LIFE... 

by Lilly

26 março 2016

Home alone for a day...

Feels very good, but it also feels very empty,
The same way it looks like you're in heaven,
Seems like you're in hell too...
The pain to try to handle what you really can't,
Becomes even more unbearable everyday...
It feels like surviving everyday, but dying from inside out...
But never forget to smile and, while you still around,
Just try your best to enjoy anything to keep you going.

By Lilly

24 março 2016

My thoughts for today

Life looks like a game...
Sometimes it's on top...
Sometimes it's deeper than the sea level...
How to handle it? Well...
At the end of the day...
It's your own decision that count...
And your friends, will back you up no matter what...
But don't forget, you have to survive by your self always
Hold your head up high,
Take a deep breath,
And you deep inside, you will know what to do...

by Lilly

06 março 2016

Thought of the day

When you think it can't go deeper than it is, and suddnley, it happens again! But make a big smile and try again.
The understanding of it all, i think it will never be the veracity in its fullness!
So take every moment as one more step you have to take!

Lilly ;-)

05 março 2016

Think positive

Everyday i wake up and think to my self that there is another day to live, a lot to see, to do and to happen... Enjoy the most of any moment that come to you... If i can do it, any of us can do it too... So lets try and fight for another day, take the most of it, learn and achive a little, day by day...

14 fevereiro 2016

The Most Unusual Families In The World

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Simple Duct Tape Life Hacks

Simple Duct Tape Life Hacks

Melissa McCarthy and Kanye West Are Ready For The Biggest SNL Ever

President Obama and Ellen Discuss the Road to Equality

Dad Throws Giant Snowball at Kid

Obama to Spend $1.8 Billion on Zika Research, Pushing Contraception

Obama to Spend $1.8 Billion on Zika Research, Pushing Contraception

11 fevereiro 2016

Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show - Bruno Mars & Beyonce ONLY [HD] 2016

S7 Airlines OK Go, Upside down & Inside Out

Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (Official video)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Final Trailer [HD]

Peter Kostis On Pebble Beach: ‘No Better Place In The World For Golf’

Peter Kostis On Pebble Beach: ‘No Better Place In The World For Golf’: Veteran CBS Sports on-course reporter Peter Kostis assesses the field at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Sam Smith's leaner frame is making his fans worry

Sam Smith's leaner frame is making his fans worry:

Sam Smith just gave his fans a shock of concern after he Instagrammed a picture of himself looking way too lean.
The 23-year-old singer, who has been embarking a strict health and fitness routine since 2015, is now just a shadow of his former self, reports News.com.au.
In the picture, 'The Writing's On The Wall' hit-maker looks pensive and pale in a striped top that highlights his remarkably thinner frame. He captioned the pic, "Brit abroad."
Showing concern, his fans poured him with comments like, "He needs to stop losing weight it's making his head look bigger and his body super thin."
Smith first showed the results of a new lifestyle on his own Insta account last March, when he posed with a picture of nutritionist Amelia Freer's book: Eat, Nourish, Glow.

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