17 agosto 2017

Feelings of the day

Close the eyes of the soul
Do not let anything burn your heart.
If you try to hurt me
You will be burned for ever and ever.
If you come in peace and love
You will be loved forever and ever.
Never substit the feelings of others
The karma of life may be harder on you.

Come in peace and you will be loved
Come to war and you will be defeated

by Lilly

01 agosto 2017

What do you do to maintain beauty?

Effort, dedication, kindness, and above all a lot of courage ...
Admitting mistakes, knowing how to cry without tears, knowing the wisdom that comes from the mistakes made by life and in life ...
Get up every day and smile, knowing that it is to suffer that one learns the great lessons of life, that one day being has given us back through life in great moments of happiness ...
Knowing that never giving up is the secret of the beauty of life ... not the beauty you see through appearance ...

By Lilly

My amazon